Plympton Fuchsia ad Geranium Group

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One of the best in the West Country

  Plympton Fuchsia & Geranium Group

Tuesday 10th January

AGM & Mike Shopland-Growiing tips/Gall mite problems. (Renewal of Membership.)

Tuesday 14th February

Brian Carlson-Pelargoniums. (Renewal of Membership.)

Tuesday 14th March

Mike Poultney-Plant Expert-Not to be missed. +Collect  Pelargonium Club Plants for Summer Show.

Tuesday 11th April

Kathryn Couch.

Tuesday 9th May

Keith Pursey-Fuchsia Baskets.

Tuesday 13th June

Evening (Club Geranium) Pelargonium Show.  Page: Programme

Also, Rick Rielly-Fuchsia’s.

Tuesday 11th July

Bert Jewell-Showing.

Saturday 29th July(Staging Friday 28th July from 2.30pm until 6.15pm)

SUMMER SHOW-one day only. Open to public 9.30am-4.00pm. Plant Auction and Prize Draw from 4.00pm.

Tuesday 8th August

Trophy Presentation Evening.

Tuesday 12th September

Bill from Frys.

Tuesday 10th October

Tim Payne-Honey

Tuesday 14th November


Tuesday 12th December


Programme for 2017